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Faulty Products

Thousands of consumers are injured by defective products each year.  A products liability claim may exist when a company designs, manufactures or sells a product which contains an unreasonable danger or defect making the product unsafe and which results in a person's injury or death. These claims can be very expensive to prosecute, so a very careful investigation is often required.

Some examples of situations that may form the basis of a products liability claim are:

  • Airbags failing to deploy in a collision
  • Top-heavy SUV rollovers
  • Automobile tires exploding, causing an accident
  • Leaking breast implants
  • Playground slide collapses
  • Clothing catches on fire and melts
  • Household cleaner proves to be unsafe
  • Inclusion of peanuts not disclosed
  • Prescribed drug has undisclosed side-effect

If you have been injured by a defective product, you may be entitled to recover compensation including medical expenses, pain and suffering, wage loss, and future medical care.
If you believe you may have a products liability claim, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at the law offices of Howard B. Herskowitz, Esquire immediately to ensure that the proper steps are taken to inspect the defective product and preserve any evidence.

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