Construction Accidents

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Construction is one of the most dangerous ways to make a living. Yet, you have the right to a safe workplace. You and your family have the right to seek compensation when your workplace, its equipment or lack of, subcontractors, and other involved third parties fail to provide basic safety.

You have the right to make a third party claim. Under the Worker’s Compensation Act, your employer and co-employees are immune from a lawsuit. The sole obligation of the employer for work-related injuries is for workers’ compensation benefits.

However, you can bring a legal action against a third party who has caused or contributed to your injuries. Third-party actions permit recovery of general damages, which far exceed workers’ compensation benefits. If you have been injured and/or debilitated in a construction site accident or a family member has died from a construction site work injury, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit in order to obtain a settlement. 

The complex maze of legal details is most likely the last thing that you want to deal with after a construction site work injury. It’s to your advantage to let the law firm of Howard B. Herskowitz, Esquire fight for what’s right in order to create the necessary funds to finance hug medical bills incurred and provide financial security for you and your family’s future.

 A construction site accident has little or no warning and is an extremely emotional experience. The last thing on a victim or family member’s mind is the maze of pending paper work and legalities.

 Do not delay! Now is the time to file and seek compensation to help pay for astronomical medical bills, loss of income and well being.
Types of construction site accidents:

  • Injuries or death from defective heavy equipment
  • Crane accidents
  • Hoist accidents
  • Scaffolding collapse
  • Roof/wall collapse
  • Floor collapse
  • Dump truck accidents
  • Elevator shaft accidents
  • Breathing toxins or asbestos
  • Fires
  • Burns
  • Electrocutions
  • Losing limbs or fingers
  • Blindness
  • Loss of hearing
  • Forklift accidents

How soon after my injury should I retain a lawyer?

Immediately! Why? Because your attorney must get access to the construction site as soon as possible while witnesses still remember what happened. Also, preserving evidence is a crucial component to conducting a sterling investigation. Your attorney will want to inspect equipment and photograph the accident site as soon as possible.

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